Martial arts and action photography require specialist photographic equipment and a photographer so experienced in the use of that equipment that the photographer can give their full attention to the fast-paced action occurring on stage or on the field. I have that equipment and several years experience in shooting sports and varied martial arts (tae kwon do, iaido, kumdo, jodo, kendo, aikido).

Martial arts events - competitions, gradings, demonstrations are often fast-paced and held at indoor venues which may have very poor light. Equipment which is designed to handle fast action in low light is essential. Similarly, sports photography requires the ability to shoot multiple frames per second to capture the exact moment of success. Long distance lenses may also be needed if the action occurs at a distance.

Putting on a martial arts or sporting event requires significant organisation and resources. Senior instructors, competitors and performers may attend from inter-State or overseas.

Photographic images provide a tangible and lasting record of such events and can be used in a variety of ways - in promotional media for your business or similar future events, gifts (e.g. poster sized prints and canvases, digital photo albums), award ceremony presentations, and branding (e.g. business cards, banners).

I have a long-standing interest in personal fitness and martial arts. I understand the physical effort and self-discipline that goes into achieving results. I would be delighted to capture these moments of achievement for you - whether for personal use or for a website, promotional product or a special gift.

If you would like me to photograph your event, please email me with the details, preferably using the contact form under the Contact tab, and I can get back to you with a quote. In general, an hourly rate of $75 applies. Discounts apply for half- and full-day events. Further discounts are available for annual bookings (e.g. booking for four gradings in the year).